Transforming Industries with Advanced Software Solutions

Ulendo provides cutting-edge software solutions that optimize the performance and productivity of collaborative robots (COBOTS).

Vibration compensation for COBOTS

Ulendo VC-R is a collection of algorithms that compensate for the vibration that occurs when a COBOT (collaborative robot) is operated at high speeds with heavy payloads. Originally founded on Ulendo's patented FBS (filtered b-splines) algorithm, Ulendo VC-R uses advanced techniques to increase the operating speed of the COBOT by compensating for vibration.

Machine design advice from advanced manufacturing experts

Ulendo's innovative product line is based on research conducted by our founder, Chinedum ‘Chi’ Okwudire, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His award-winning mechatronics lab team develops software technologies that improve the speed and quality of advanced manufacturing machines such as 3D printers and industrial robots.