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Innovative Manufacturing Software Solutions

In the Chichewa language, “Ulendo” means "journey" or "voyage." Born out of the Mechatronics Program at the University of Michigan, our team at Ulendo is on a voyage, or “Ulendo,” to use software to enable manufacturing machines to achieve their full potential as ubiquitous tools for modern manufacturing.  

Transforming Manufacturing Through Innovative Software Solutions

At Ulendo, we are on a mission to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by developing cutting-edge software solutions that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of advanced manufacturing machines. With our research-based approach and data-driven strategies, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of 3D printers and industrial robots.

Bridging Innovation and Manufacturing: Ulendo's Journey

Ulendo's rich history is intertwined with the University of Michigan, where our research-based and data-driven approach was born. With a strong foundation in academia, we have developed software solutions that revolutionize advanced manufacturing machines like 3D printers and industrial robots.


Unlock the Power of Ulendo's Software Solutions

Experience increased efficiency, precision, and scalability with Ulendo's software solutions. Streamline your manufacturing processes and achieve optimal results.

Ulendo HC

Heat compensation for LPBF printers

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Ulendo VC

Vibration compensation for FDM printers

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Ulendo CaaS

Calibrate an FDM printer in seconds

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Ulendo VC -R

Vibration compensation for robots

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Consulting Services

Advanced manufacturing consulting

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