3D Printing

Transforming Industries with Advanced Software Solutions

Ulendo provides cutting-edge software solutions that optimize the performance and productivity of additive manufacturing (3D printing) machines.

Calibrate your printer in seconds

Calibrate your printer in seconds
and move beyond "input shaping."

Ulendo Calibration-as-a-ServiceTM  
(CaaS) is a “first of its kind” hosted software solution that automatically calibrates an extrusion-based (FDM) 3D printer to improve its speed and quality. When paired with compatible firmware, Ulendo’s software allows the printer to be operated at more than twice the speed of stock firmware without sacrificing quality. It replaces the current time-consuming, manual and error-prone processes that involve printing and measuring parts or manually entering numbers into equations.

The benefits of CaaS for a 3D printing service bureau includes DOUBLING the throughout of the company's existing investment in extrusion-based machines as well as improving turnaround time and operating margins. Manufacturers of FDM printers can include a CaaS subscription as a feature to their printers and potentially add an additional revenue stream to their business.

Increase the ROI of your print farm investment

For print farms, CaaS allows you to squeeze even more productivity out of your additive manufacturing machine investment by DOUBLING the output of your existing printers without sacrificing quality.

Improve turnaround times and margins

Improve the key metrics in your
print farm operation:

• Print job margin
• Capacity utilization
• Customer satisfaction
• Print job turnaround time

Control quality with the CaaS dashboard

The intuitive CaaS dashboard displays operations and quality statistics highlighting areas for improvement including indicators for predictive maintenance in your print farm operation.

Increase revenue and brand loyalty

For manufacturers of FDM printers, CaaS is a fast and cost effective way to improve the  speed and quality of your machines. And, you can add a subscription revenue stream to your business. CaaS provides you an opportunity to enhance your brand loyalty by providing an alternative to the time-consuming, manual and error-prone processes that involve printing and measuring parts  or manually entering numbers into equations.

Heat compensation for LPBF printers

Quality improvements that matter:
88% reduction in residual stress
50% reduction in mean deformation
26% reduction in max deformation

Ulendo HC is a software plugin that optimizes the laser path of a laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) printer.  Powered by Ulendo's patent-pending algorithm, Ulendo HC cuts heat-induced distortion in half without adding significant printing time. We work with LPBF printer manufacturers to integrate the plugin into a specific printer model and with process control software providers for LPBF machines to include the plugin as a valued feature of their software platform.

Improve productivity

Ulendo HC automatically determines a laser scan path that reduces heat-induced distortion, thereby relieving the engineer of that aspect of the build process.

Avoid failed parts

The significant reduction of heat-induced distortion leads to less failed parts that have to be discarded, thereby saving time and costs.

Reduce post-processing

The significant reduction of heat-induced distortion reduces the time and costs of stress reduction post-processing.

Improve printer ROI

By enabling more high quality parts to be printed, the LPBF user derives a higher ROI on their investment in an LPBF printer.

Vibration compensation for FDM printers

Double the speed of your FDM 3D printerwithout sacrificing quality.

Ulendo VC is a collection of algorithms that compensate for the vibration that occurs when an extrusion-based printer is operated at high speeds. Originally founded on Ulendo's patented FBS (filtered b-splines) algorithm, Ulendo VC uses advanced techniques to double the speed of a printer without sacrificing quality. This ground-breaking innovation does not suffer the quality and reliability issues that plague other compensation techniques such as "input shaping." We work with FDM printer manufacturers to integrate our software into the controller of a specific printer model, thereby significantly improving the performance of that printer model for increased competitive advantage.

Offer your customers better machines

Improve your competitive edge by offering 3D printers that maintain high quality at advanced speeds. Sell more printers vis a vis your competitors given the enhanced performance and/or increase your printer price to reflect improved ROI to the end customer.

Accelerate production innovation

Are you frustrated by the slow, costly and minimal progress of addressing vibration by making mechanical changes? Let Ulendo implement our software-only solution to address vibration quickly without extended product development times. Your engineering team can devote their time to other design optimizations for your printer model.

Achieve better quality that “input shaping”

Other vibration compensation techniques such as "input shaping" suffer from print quality issues such as rounded corners. Implementing open source versions of "input shaping" are indeed not "free," because significant engineering work is required. Furthermore, Ulendo VC is optimized to your particular printer model, unlike the more generic approach of "input shaping." 

Avoid extra hardware or platform changes

Ulendo VC does not require the addition of any hardware to your printer design, and you can maintain your current firmware platform. You don't have to switch to Klipper.

Machine design advice from advanced manufacturing experts

Ulendo's innovative product line is based on research conducted by our founder, Chinedum ‘Chi’ Okwudire, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His award-winning mechatronics lab team develops software technologies that improve the speed and quality of advanced manufacturing machines such as 3D printers and industrial robots.